Create your Smart Chain ERC721 Token

Easily deploy Smart Contract for a ERC721 Token on Binance Smart Chain Network.

No login. No setup. No coding required.


This app is tested with MetaMask wallet only. Use any other wallet at your own risk.

Token Details

Choose a name for your token.

Choose a symbol for your token (usually 3-5 chars).

Enter the url where the NFT metadatas' will be fetched (don't forget the trailing `/` at the end)

Fill this only if the token metadata urls ends with a file name extension like .json or something else.

Enter the maximum number of NFT that can be issued. You won't be able to create more than this amount later.

This amount is how much every NFT will be paid by a user during the minting process. The contract owner can mint it for free)

Token Type and Network

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Commission Fee 0 BNB
Gas Fee Variable